[LootAnime] Open the BLADE crate!

Posted on December 28, 2016


The [BLADE] box - yes, I had the build it;; :D

Upon returning from my Japan trip, I found the next LootAnime crate waiting for my review! Goodness, I've been off-line for about 3 weeks so I had no idea what the theme was this time.

In fact, I didn't know what the theme was until I opened the poster.

Unusual, I suppose?

Rather than a concept or an action, it's actually a -thing-.

Let's take a look inside:


1) Bleach Lounge Pants


Bleach Lounge Pants

Wow - this was an interesting and unexpected item. The lounge pants come with a screen print of Ichigo down one left and his name down the other. The material is soft t-shirt jersey, so it'll probably be pretty comfortable for lazy day indoor use.
It's 100% cotton and pretty soft and seems very stretchy to accomodate most average sizes -- albeit long in the legs. Not entirely my "style" but a neat inclusion as this box's wearable item.

2) Berserk Dragonslayer Letter Opener


Berserk Letter Opener

Lootcrate - you know me a little too well. I've actually been thinking about getting a proper letter opener -- not that I've got tons of fan-mail to open, but for all the bills that come my way these days.;;
This thing is -hefty-. It's actually made of metal with a slightly dull edge. Apparently, it can't be shipped to certain countries due to mailing and safety regulations, so this item may be swapped out for something of equal value.
It's a pretty good replica of Guts' Dragonslayer sword and can probably be used for smaller 1/6 scale dolls - though they may need some assist carrying it due to the weight.
As a letter opener? Sure came in handy for slicing rolls of paper for wrapping Christmas gifts! :D

3) Sword Art Online Progressive Vol. 1 Manga - Limited Variant Cover


Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 1 (Variant Cover)

For those familiar with Sword Art Online, Progressive is from Asuna Yuuki's point of view. It's an intriguing look at her life before SAO and how she grew to be the heroine of the Aincrad saga.
I'd been keeping up with the light novel versions, so the manga is a nice addition to my collection - particularly with the shiny variant cover!

4) Gintama Wall Scroll


Gintama Wall Scroll

Sorry, I haven't watched this series yet -- despite my friends urgings;; Looks like a standard mini scroll of Gin. The material is a solid weave, so the printing looks nice and crisp!

5) LootAnime [BLADE] phone charm


LootAnime - Blade Phone Charm

This month's charm is the first to feature Yume herself drawing (wielding, really) a sword. Looks like she's in iaido class. :3
It's an interesting departure from the previous charms that featured items or concepts. I guess a -blade- would be a little too redundant.

6) LootAnime [BLADE] poster


The Blade Box Poster

Looks like this month's poster is a reprieve by LucidSky. They've returned for a few posters now and they get better and better.

Final thoughts:
To be honest, I'm a little surprised for a [BLADE] theme, there isn't any Touken Ranbu goods to balance out the box. It's quite male-oriented this month, similar to the military themed [SQUADRON] crate. Though I'm familiar with most of the series this month, many of the goods don't appeal to me, but perhaps it's more because I'm not a -fan- of the series?

It's a quicker and simpler review than most -- partially because this box came when I was away on my trip... but also because the NEXT crate arrived before I could post this review;; The [GALAXY] box review is coming up shortly. :D

If these crates interest you, order them via my link: http://www.lootcrate.com/nemunemu! Be sure to use code: NEMUNEMU for $3 off your order, be it one crate or a whole annual subscription!

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