[Loot Anime] Open the HUMANITY crate!

Posted on June 26, 2017

Admittedly, May and June were super busy months for me, away from the studio, so I'm busy playing catch up, particularly with my posts.

First up is the [HUMANITY] crate from LootAnime. This box arrived early in May and is chock-full of pretty creative goodies this time around.


The box design is reminiscent of the houses that populate the walled city in Attack on Titan. With the return of the series this past season, it seems more than fitting to recognize it's current impact on anime fandom in general.

Let's take a look at what's inside!


* * *


1) Exclusive Attack on Titan Pouch & Notepad
First up is a nifty faux-leather pouch, complete with the Survey Corp logo, a branded notebook and a thick carpenter pencil in the shape of the Maneuver Gear Blades. (The contents suggest there are supposed to be 3 pencils, but I've only got one in my pack.)

There's a snap "loop" that you can use to attach the pouch to your own belt or bag strap. Can't guarantee the security of the hold, but at least you'll look the part and be ready to take note of your surroundings any time those titans pass by.


2) Attack on Titan Levi Figure

Part of the World Collectable Figure series, LootAnime's included this cute 3" version of everyone's favorite Captain, Levi. If you are handy with some sewing supplies, you could even attach him to your Survey Corp pouch!

Interestingly enough, he's right about the size to scale nicely with the LootAnime box, so feel free to reinact your favorite scenes!


3) School-Live! Manga with Exclusive pull-out poster

This was a surprise hit about a year ago for me. It looked like your typical, overly cute school dramedy, released right on the heels of Love Live! But boy - it was way more drama than I anticipated. I don't think the Live is pronounced "Love Live" Live - but more like "Live to see another day"...

It's a cleverly written and well-paced story about a small group of girls, living in their high school and coping with the fall out of a huge tragedy that currently surrounds them. Read the first chapter or watch the first episode and be intrigued!


Also, this edition comes with a special fan-servicy pull-out poster of the girls in what can only be descibed as "survival swimwear".


4) Exclusive Black Lagoon Coaster Set

Another series I'm not too familiar with - Black Lagoon's goods fits right into the theme. The case is shaped like a metal ammo case and inside are 3 metallic cork coasters featuring the Lagoon Company members.

Perhaps you may not have ammo to store (and to be honest, I wouldn't store real ammo in there -- it's a thin metal box for decorative purposes!) It'll easily fit your whatever knick-knacks you think you might need on hand -- like make your own mini first aid kit or art supply tin.


5) Exclusive Yume Humanity Charm

This month's Yume charrm is designed by Michelle Mauk, in a way reminds me of Sukeban Deka or Battle Royale. Yume is weilding 2 swords and certainly means business.


6) Exclusive Humanity Poster by Low Zi Rong/Wong Su Ling/Collateral Studios

This month's poster is designed by Low Zi Rong & Wong Su Ling of Collateral Studios - again, reminiscent of Attack on Titan!

* * *

There you have it! The May [HUMANITY] box from LootAnime!

If you're interested in getting one of your own, use my link to get there and enter code: NEMUNEMU for $3 off whatever you orders!

Thanks again to Lootcrate for sending me this box for review! Stay tuned for June's box -- [UNNATURAL] -- coming right up!

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