12th Anniversary of nemu*nemu!

Posted on March 31, 2018

April 1st marks the 12th anniversary of nemu*nemu!
We started off by brainstorming ideas over dinner and drafting comics in our spare time and launching on April 1, 2006. Since then, we've added pups, a spin-off strip that prints in our local paper, completed a kickstarter for our 6th book, and finished a Henshin Rider-centric story... amongst a slew of other personal achievements that escape me right now. ★_★
For our 12th birthday, here's a gift from me to you!
[Download the full-sized file by clicking on the image or this link. Size 1.3MB]
Here's a free digital desktop for you to enjoy! Feel free to share with friends and family and thanks again for sharing & caring about my comic all these years! ★
In the meanwhile, while I get nemu*nemu back in order, check in with me at Patreon for the latest updates and more!
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