[Event Report 2018] Mini Con 9 Aftermath!

Posted on October 1, 2018

Mini Con 9 was this past Saturday and I think it's safe to say, everyone had a great time! I haven't been doing nearly as many in-person events lately, but I look forward to Mini Con year after year as a fun, informal and very community-driven event. :D

I didn't have much spare time to craft much new stuff, but I did manage to complete a handful of new mini-mini nemu*nemu shikishi originals! (Whatever remains will be added to the nemu*shop!)


My table set up this year! We were back in our usual spot in the kids story-well, next to Brady Evans!

Brady had a number of prints and zines, and was offering up $10 live-drawing portraits, which were a big hit! His next show will be with the Honolulu Printmakers this Thanksgiving weekend at the Museum of Art's Linekona building.
In the meeting room, were Jon J. Murakami of Gordon Rider, Araranger, and Local Kine greeting card fame (amongst a bajillion other projects including mascot signage, newspaper comics, and childrens books.)
And Kevin Sano of Ideas Comics & Collectables. He specializes in tokusatsu art, as well as American comic art and tattoo design.
The newcomer this year was Derick Fabian of 7Sketches. He brought his lineup of street art anime-inspired "slaps", mini canvas prints and shirts.
In fact, he is also Ka Leo o Hawaii alum, the University of Hawaii at Manoa student newspaper, just like Jon, me, and Scott. :D (Photo courtesy of Derick via Instagram~ ♥)
Rounding things out were neet Honolulu and Wasabi Magazine, providing entertainment and information thruout the show! neet Honolulu is having their next show in mid-October, so if Mini Con looks like your kinda show, go and check them out at the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii! It'll be 10x this - one night only! ★
This year we also had a special surprise guest, Stan Sakai of Usagi Yojimbo fame~! It was so "surprise" I didn't find out about it a couple days before the show. :D
During the show, I got a few art gifts from young fans! Much thanks, Karalyn and Aurora for your amazing drawings! They are right up near my work desk! ♥
Thanks so much to all the library staff, volunteers, artists, helpers, and the attendees who came out for Mini Con 9! ★ It was an awesome show and I think it's safe to say we're all looking forward to Mini Con X!
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