Equipment Upgrade time! BoYata Adjustable Laptop Stand review

Posted on June 22, 2020

I'm back with another equipment review -- this time, a nice upgrade to my iPad drawing stand!

- BoYata Adjustable Laptop Stand -

[Amazon Link] [Boyata Direct]

List price: $49.99 (at time of writing)

Every so often when Scott scrolls thru his social media feeds, he comes across some interesting gadget recommendations and artist tips. The latest one is via @Cotoh_Tsumi (their twitter post) for the BoYata Adjustable Laptop Stand.


Up till now, I've been using the Elevation Lab DraftTable, which I've recommended for the past few years due to its sturdiness and durability. It has 3 height settings, which are great for most needs. Most of the time, I used it at its lowest setting - without the kickstand, to give my wrist and elbow a rest.


Sitting to my left, Scott usually notices when I'm not paying attention to my posture, my face gets closer and closer to my iPad screen and suggested this laptop stand as a possible upgrade.

Honestly... I was kinda skeptical. I was happy with the DraftTable and wondered if it would be worth it. There was a $10 off coupon, so we put the order in. (Incidentally, as I was typing this out, Amazon had it as their Lightning Deal, dropping the price to $37.49!)


It arrived on Sunday and wow- this thing exceeded my expectations. It is -super- sturdy. The joints are really stiff and you have to put your weight into it to adjust the angles. But once you set it, it won't budge, even if you lean a bit on the screen when you draw, which is pretty surprising. I even stick the bluetooth keyboard I use for my iPad in the space below to free up desk space when I'm not using it.


Though it's built for a laptop, the tabs to hold the device in place aren't too big or intrusive. There are also silicone anti-skid bars to keep the device from moving around. I have a 12.9" iPad Pro and the stand just a little larger in width and length. For those with the smaller iPad Pros, consider it a bit of extra "desk space." I've also used it as a mini drafting table/writing desk by simply using thick backing board from a watercolor paper pad as a sturdy base.

The angles it can bend are pretty steep - with some wrangling, I could lift and tilt it for reading or if so inclined, easel-type drawing, as @Cotoh_Tsumi demonstrates in their tweet above.

So in short, for the price, I highly recommend it! I picked it up for about $40 with an Amazon coupon code. It retails for $49.99 at the time of writing. Interested? Check it out for yourself! [Amazon link] [Boyata Direct]

Disclaimer: Purchases made thru Amazon affiliate links provide me with a tiny percentage of credit thru sales. I appreciate any support you send my way! I purchased the stand with my own funds and this review is not influenced by any incentives.

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