Blue Hawaii 2012 - #01

When Blue Hawaii launched in 2012, we intended it to follow many of the "rules" we set up for nemu*nemu -- always referering to themselves as by their names, using "baby" talk, but you'll see over time we relaxed those boundaries and let Blue and the gang develop on their own.

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Panel 1:
Blue: Ohh- Hows 'bout PIZZA?
Simon: Bring it here so I can see.

Panel 2:
Blue: How's dis?
Simon: Hrm... What do we have here? Let's go with the WIKI TIKI SPECIAL...

Panel 3:
Blue: Blue's gonna call it in, okay??
Simon: And don't forget the OLIVES and ARTICHOKE HEARTS!

Panel 4:
Simon: Can't wait till school's back in session. They go on vacation and ALWAYS forget to feed the fish!
Blue: H-Heyo? Isn dis WIKI TIKI PIZZA?