Blue Hawaii 2023 - #18

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Chilling Experience

P1: Blue comes into the room where Splash and Simon are supposed to be in.
Blue: Hey Splash, where's Simon?
Splash: He kept complaining about how hot it is in here. Gecko said he knew just the place to move him.

P2: Blue pops in to find the boys playing with their Nontodo GameBots with Gizmo
Blue: Hey guys, where's Simon?
Gecko: Oh. Ummm… Gizmo, how long does it takes water to freeze?

P3: Blue has a startled look on his face.
Gizmo: Water can take one to four hours to freeze completely.
Gecko: Uh oh.
Blue: Oh no! Not again!

P4: Blue opens the fridge to find a fish suspended in an ice cube.
Blue: SIMON! Are you OK?
Simon: F-F-F-Freezer BbBbbburrrrrrrrnnnnn!