Blue Hawaii 2023 - #19

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No One Knows Why

P1: Leilani flys through the air with fellow Kolea.
Narrator: This is the Pacific Golden Plover, a migratory shorebird, also known as the Kolea in Hawaii. They spend summers in Alaska…
Leilani: We go shopping along the way!

P2: Leilani replies to the narrator.
Narrator: Then, they fly to Hawaii for the winter.
Leilani: Pretty smart, eh? Who wouldn't wanna spend winter in Hawaii?!

P3: Leilani enters a familiar restaurant.
Narrator: No one knows why the Kolea travel these great distances.
Leilani: Isn't it obvious?

P4: Leilani proudly holds up a plate of clubhouse sandwiches and a heaping bowl of chili and rice.
Leilani: I couldn't miss the return of the clubhouse sammich! Plus the chili's great!