Blue Hawaii 2023 - #23

This marks my final Blue Hawaii comic that will be printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!

It was short notice, so I have a few more strips prepared to close out 2023. Expect some changes as we move forward! Thanks so much to the Star-Advertiser for hosting this little comic for the past 10+ years! 

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Define Relaxation

P1: Blue is working on a knitting project while Splash looks on.
Blue: ARGH!
Splash: What's up?

P2: Blue grips the needles.
Blue: I was being SUPER CAREFUL, but I missed the yarn increase twice! Knitting can be so FRUSTRATING!

P3: Splash asks.
Splash: That seems SO stressful! Why are you doing this??
Blue: Well…uh...

P4: Blue sheepishly replies.
Blue: I do it for fun?
Splash: Define "fun."