Blue Hawaii 2023 - #25

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Where Did the Time Go?

P1: Leilani is reading her book outside with sunglasses on. Simon is next to her. Cheebs comes by and she's anxious…
Cheebs: The year is ending too quickly. Did I let it go to waste? Where did the time go?! I haven't made a dent in my list of goals this year!

P2: Leilani looks up from her book and calmly says…
Leilani: Some things are just out of our control - Just sit back and enjoy the holidays.
Cheebs: S-So true! I guess that makes me feel better!

P3: Simon interjects.
Simon: Yeah… ENJOY. We’ll have this conversation again same time NEXT YEAR.

P4: Cheebs panics! Leilani scolds Simon.
Leilani: Hey!