About Blue Hawaii


Blue Hawaii cast from left to right: (Above: Simon) Webster, Gecko, Gizmo, Blue, Ross

Blue Hawaii is the first official nemu*nemu spin-off, based on a pup named Blue who ends up in a school's Lost-&-Found one day.

He doesn't remember much about his past, but quickly made friends with the other inhabitants of the office:

Simon - the cranky resident fish. He likes to hoard stuff.

Ross - the slightly off-kilter, kooky, mechanical parrot, who likes to dress like a pirate.

Gizmo - the self-aware robot Blue built from spare parts. He recently upgraded from a uni-wheel to a pair of legs.

Webster - the gangsta spider with a knack for misspelling things. Usually seen with a yellow snapback on.

Gecko - the youngest member of the "family", so to speak. Gecko's smarter than often lets on, and likes to blackmail Webster for his snack stash.

Blue Hawaii runs every-other-Sunday in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser's Today section since January 2012.