A very nemu*nemu hinamatsuri!

Posted on March 3, 2021

Today, I'm happy to share a photo from a family who finally completed their nemu*nemu plush collection -- AND added a few of their own pups to the mix!

(From left to right: Blue, Slug, Anpan, Enchilada, Caspal, Nemu, lil' Enchilada, and Pollo - courtesy of Misty, Ethan (12), and Nina LaViolette (8))
What makes this so amazing to me is that they've introduced 2 new pups of their very own - Slug and Caspal - into their family!
Not sure how many of you remember, but for those of you who have our 1st volume of nemu*nemu, you may notice at the very beginning of the book a little drawing next to our foreword.
There is a whole gang of pups that look suspiciously familiar to longtime readers, but were nowhere to be seen in those early pages in 2007.
Yet! Enchilada was already there with his tell-tale scarf, Pollo was flying high, and Blue was hiding in the shadows. Not to say that we planned out all their adventures that early on, but it all started with a single plush pup. As we added new pups to the family, they all developed their own colorful personalities and a few of them eventually made their way into our stories. While it's unlikely the last of the bunch of pups will enter the nemu*comic universe, they certainly are alive and well in our home. ♥
I hope the pups who have made their way out into all the homes out there are having their own fun and exciting adventures! What a nice treat for me to share on this hinamatsuri/doll festival day! ♥
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